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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Monster!

No, I don't mean an actual monster, or even a bead shaped like a monster....I mean this:

The biggest honkin' hollow bead I have made yet. It's one of my favorite glasses, too, a dark cobalt blue. I love it because it is pretty, but also because it is very much a color used by ancient glassworkers in Rome and even Egypt to make items for personal adornment and daily use.

I made the hollow bead as I worked on beads for my other stuff, namely, the "Bloomz" beads I have been making lately.

Excuse the mandrels and remnants of vermiculite in the photos.....I was too excited about the hollow to wait til I cleaned them!

I think the hollow is going to be part of a necklace of all hollow beads in blues and greens. I have an idea....and it involves Greece....


Melissa Meman said...

That big blue bead is very cool! I have really been diggin' your bloom beads :)

moonlitfantaseas said...

that big blue bead is really yummy!

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

The blue bead is awesome!

Kevin said...

It's huge and it's cobalt blue... there's no way I couldn't likat that monster. ;-)

Carol Tannahill said...

I love the colors in your bloom beads and the simplicity of them is so appealing. I love your monstrous hollow bead and admire your audacity to try something this big.

Barbara Lewis said...

Look at that beautiful, perfectly round bead! Yay!


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