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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Announcements and Other Good Stuff!

Okay, so I think THIS week I can relax a little and get myself together. Maybe. LOL!

As I mentioned before, it's been a bit crazy around here....multiple things going on on multiple fronts, and that combined with my tendency to overschedule myself sometimes, well, it's just not always pretty.


I am practically beside myself with happiness to tell you all that....

My cupcake pendants and other cupcake-y jewelry pieces are being carried by a local specialty bakery! Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe on Grove Avenue here in Richmond has begun to carry a selection of my work!

The best part is that they were thrilled with my interpretation in glass of some of their signature cupcakes! Their cupcakes are fantastically yummy (I know, I have tried about three of them...) and their shop is just adorably decorated. I delivered an order on Thursday this past week, and had to run back on Friday with additional items that they wanted for the Strawberry Street Festival this weekend. I took Noah with me, since Wren was at preschool, and relished a little Mommy-and-son time with a couple of the cupcakes after the business part of our trip was taken care of.

He definitely loved his Plain Jane cupcake -- vanilla with vanilla icing and some sprinkles. It's one of the cupcakes I make in glass for them (which I failed to photograph before taking to the shop! D'oh!).

On Saturday, I had a space at the Market at St. Stephen's, also on Grove Avenue. It was a windy day, but sunny, and I had lots of traffic and good sales. That's always good. I'm also working on improving my display, and I really feel like I am getting there.
I'm moving toward having four 'trees' made from copper pipe and wire to display pendants on, and a brown divided box like the one on the left in the picture, for earrings related to each tree of pendants. So far, I have two trees already made. I know my table coverings look like heck in this shot, but the wind was so strong, they were constantly looking crummy. They needs curtain weights in the corners, and I think I need to get off my butt and actually make the fitted tablecovers I keep saying I need. I like the overall color scheme -- black, orange, dark brown, some red, and a bit of white. I feel like I should change my earring cards to a buff or tan color....what do you think?
You can see one of my copper trees in the back. I really like them for the pendants. Apparently, I also need walls for my tent. My car, while a beautiful shade of red, is not that nice of a background. :)

Anyway, it has been a great weekend overall. I am looking forward to stopping by the cupcake shop on Tuesday to find out how things went at the festival! Now I am all inspired to go out and find other shops and boutiques that might be a good fit for some of my work...hmmm...there are a couple of higher-end maternity and children's boutiques.....I wonder what else might be good?

Definitely, that has been added to my goals list for 2010.


TesoriTrovati said...

What a clever connection with the cupcake shop! That is sure to go over well. And I love your displays. I like lots of levels on mine. I have never done an outside show. But I do love the set of plastic bed risers that I use to raise my tables to the right height. And for table cloths I use twin size black flat sheets! Works perfect!
Enjoy the day!

Christine said...

Thanks, Erin! I was laughing when I read your comment....I love the bed risers I use under my tables, too, AND the black flat sheets! The problem I have is they don't cover the tables I have equally all around. I can sew, so making some isn't a big deal. I've just been slack. :)

Cindy said...

Christine, hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day today. Congrats on the business venture with the cupcake shop...what a perfect fit!!! Love the pictures of your little guy eating his seriously yummy-looking cupcake! And here's to your goals in 2010...I think it's going to be an incredible year for you yet! :-)

Pretty Things said...

Mmmm, cupcakes. How 'bout some pie?

Christine said...

Lori, pie is in the works for tonight's torch session! I already told the shop that I do pie slices....so I need to make some up to show them. :)

Shannon said...

I love the copper "tree". I hate when I forget to take a picture and then the item is gone.
What a great spot to have your dessert items in, I would have never thought to approach such a business. You go girl!


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