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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Toay, at 1pm, I will be demonstrating the art of lampwork glass beadmaking at the ArtWorks Gallery in Richmond. I did this back in the spring, and it was well-received and a whole lot of fun! If you are local to Richmond, come on out and see me, along with a bunch of other great artists and artisans. Demos run from 1 pm - 5 pm and will last 1 hour. 2 demos will occur concurrently with ½ hour set-up between each demo. There is no charge to you or those attending!

Come on out and see us!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gearing up for the holiday season

I updated some pictures on the Flickr page for A Hot Piece of Glass. Go here to see the new images. Right now, a lot of the new ones are shots of just the beads for projects that will become jewelry soon.

I have also started to work on my schedule for Christmastime shows. It's not a huge schedule at the moment, but hopefully that will change. Right now I am planning on being at the St. Stephen's market this upcoming Saturday for my last weekend at that market. After that, I will be at Providence Middle School's Craft Show on November 21. More details on that one as I get them. I had applied for the Richmond Craft Mafia's Christmas show, but was turned down. :(

I am really hoping I will get my Etsy shop open again soon so if there are things you would like to see in there, let me know. If you see anything on my Flickr page that looks good and you want it, let me know. Some things there have been sold, but some can be remade.

There ya go....a quick FYI for now. Back in a while with some pix of finished pieces.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloweeny Fun!

In that batch of beads from my last post was a small group of beads I am designating for a Halloweeny necklace. The vision in my head is fabulous, but as usual, I am still working it out in reality. These are the beads:

I haven't decided if I need more or not. I'm also contemplating taking a Halloween charm bracelet I made last year apart to cull some beads from it, but this is what I have so far. I am making the cord and some coiled and spiraled beads for the project, too, and those pieces so far look like this:

I still have more cord to make, and more spiral beads, too, so hopefully I will be able to get this vision done BEFORE Halloween! I've got one last day at the St. Stephen's Market on the 24th, and I want to have it done for then.

Keeping my fingers crossed and my cord-making constant...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back again and NOW! With Beads!!

Hi there folks!
I have been on a beadmaking frenzy this last week or so, and as such, have managed to make many more beads than I ever have at a sitting. I was pretty astonished, myself. This is a shot of the whole big conglomeration:

There are at least four sets in there, plus random earring pairs, a bunch of hollows, and a few wonky screwups (gotta have some of those!).

Stay tuned for what they will become!


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