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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A quick update before I lose my mind!

Thanks, everyone, for all the fantastic comment-love about my birthday necklace! I really appreciate everyone who took the time to check out the latest crazy idea I had. :) I love the necklace, and I have worn it a few times, taken it to a demo I did last weekend, and have found a spot near my work area (in the house, not in the garage!) that I can hang it, so I can see it all the time. And turning 40 wasn't so bad, either. I had a terrific birthday celebration that my amazing husband put together that was attended by a huge number of family and friends. And I think I am doing pretty good for forty, so there!

This Saturday begins the summer farmer's market season around here, and I am getting my stuff together to be at the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church market. I'll be there from 8am to noon, at least two Saturdays a month until November. In May, I'll be there May 1 and 8 and 22.

I've got so many great ideas for things this year, and I am desperately trying to get my act together so I can be prepared and ready. I'll be offering custom copper mother's and grandmother's bracelets, stamped with kids' and grandkids' names. I've got a line of flower pendants called Bloomz (that I don't have a finished photo of yet!), some more Viking knit bracelets with my Bubble beads, like I showed here, and my usual assortment of charms, pendants and other goodies.

Oh, wait, I just found a picture of my Bloomz beads, not yet made into pendants, but here ya go:
I love this design. Pretty and simple.

I hope if any of you are local to Richmond, Virginia and are available this Saturday, that you come on out to the market! It's a fantastic place with a nice variety of vendors -- and of course I'll be there too! But now....gotta get back to work to get ready!


Mr. Spoqui said...

sweet, seem cookies

Mr Spoqui

Cindy said...

Christine, best of luck with the new farmer's market season! Your Boomz series beads are really adorable...I likey! :-)

chocoholic said...

I just discovered you today on another bead fanatics blog list. Love the little flower beads! I think we were riding the same river of spring inspiration. If you check out my blog I made flower beads out of polymer clay in April. aquariart-chocoholic.blogspot.com


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