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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I know I've been slack about updating this blog....I've been busy making beads! Well, more or less. I did write a post for Watch Me Create, which is online here for the next little while, so go check that out if you haven't already.

It's difficult for me to start thinking about Christmas, what with Halloween and Thanksgiving not even over and done with yet, but such is the way of things in retail sales. I've been slooooowly starting in on Christmas stuff....random candy canes here, Christmas trees there, stuff like that. I still can't wrap my head around it yet, so it's been slow going. I'll get holiday goodies done in plenty of time for Santa's visit, though, so no worries.

My market schedule is getting firmed up for the next couple of months, though. Not getting into a holiday show bummed me out in a major way, but another jewelrymaker who has gorgeous stuff didn't get in either, so now I don't feel so bad about it. Here are my plans for those who want to know...

South of the James Market (Saturdays 8am to noon, Forest Hill Park)
October 11 (this date is tentative as of today), 18, 25
November 8 and 22
December 6

ArtWorks Gallery
Day After Thanksgiving Art Affair
November 28, 10am to 10pm

After all that, I'm planning on taking a break through at least February! Seriously, though, my work will be available through my Etsy shop pretty much from now til forever.

ANyway, that's the update from my end. Hope to see you out at the markets soon!


Jennifer said...

Some lady was in front of me at Ukrop's today talking about how her daughter(in-law?) was a candy-corn fiend. I told her about you, so make sure you bring a couple of pendants or earrings or something to the market in case she shows up :)

Christine said...

Awesome! I'll definitely make some more candy corn! And thanks for the advertising! :)


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