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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Monsters, oh my!

Yep, Halloween is coming. I have seen the candy and costume displays in the stores, and I have avoided buying any of it in the hopes of staving off my addiction to dark chocolate. And mass-produced cheap costumes. I'm trying to get my oldest daughter to tell me what she wants to be for Halloween so I can start making the costume, but she is undecided. My middle daughter will probably wear her older sister's Cinderella gown (with some hemming), and my son might get a teeny Viking (not the football team) costume or a knight's costume. I can already see Cinderella and her knight strapped into the wagon for trick or treating. If we go with a knight's costume, I might have to them outfit the wagon as Cinderella's coach, somehow. Would that be too over the top? Nope. Crazy, yes, but awesome, too. Heh.

I'll probably have to make some Cinderella beads for Wren to wear, and some scary spider necklace or bats or something for Kira. Noah will not get beads.

And now for some quick and dirty pix of my recent torch time. Sorry for the not so fab pictures, I haven't set up the photo studio yet for this week and didn't want to wait.

More monsters....

And FINALLY!! A successful button!

And a question for you all....what do you think of this bead? It's hollow, a transparent glass spiraled with my favorite red. Tell me how you like the color, the size, the shape...should I make more? In what color combinations?

All of these beads will be visiting the kiln later today. Hopefully, most of them will turn up as pendants on Saturday at the market and on Etsy!

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