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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The weekly wrap-up

Another fantastic day at the South of the James market! Cupcakes were particularly popular today -- all of my earrings and pendants all found new homes! I got to chat with a lot of wonderful people today, explaining the process of lampworking and how the beads are made. Unfortunately, I neglected to bring my extra canister of torch fuel, so I wasn't able to do any demonstration. Next week, I'll remember to stick the spare canister in the car!

Lots of you had special requests and ideas for beads you'd like to see. I'll be working on those this week....some owls, turtles, more sweets, more rings, some mushrooms, and some other cool stuff I have in mind. Every week will bring more new glass goodies, so keep the ideas and suggestions coming!

In other news, I have submitted a piece of work to a local gallery that has monthly all-media art shows. This month's show is themed -- Cats and Dogs -- and I submitted a necklace "Pawprints On My Heart", shown at the top of this post. I'll find out Monday if it was accepted into the show, and then I'll let you all know where you can see it, if you like.

More later.

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