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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a great big geek. I have a particular love for the BBC television show 'Doctor Who', which has been on the air for YEARS.

Central to the show, besides The Doctor, is a vehicle in which he travels, called the TARDIS, which stands for 'Time And Relative Dimension In Space'. It's shaped like an old British police box, in which one could call for the police if help was needed on the street. In the show, the TARDIS shows up in many likely and unlikely locations as the Doctor travels across time and space.

This year, the BBC is holding a contest for fans to make their own TARDIS, and put it in an interesting place. My whole family loves this show, and I thought this would be a great project for myself and my eldest daughter and my husband to make. However, we promptly forgot about the contest until recently. The deadline is May 15, and in the form of a last-minute brainstorm, I single-handedly created our entry.

If you go to this link: Where's The Tardis?, you will find photographs and a description of my entry. Please click the 'Like' button if you are so inclined. I really, really want to win this contest!

(The winner gets a private screening of Doctor Who for 50 people, AND copies of ALL the Doctor Who episodes currently available on DVD.)

Thanks, guys!

Oh, and for those of you hardcore fans, I am currently working on Dalek beads, smaller versions fo the TARDIS for earrings, and a weeping angel. What else should I try to make?


ken said...

Of course, it's bigger on the inside.

Christine said...

Of course it is! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just want to step inside and go intergalacting!! This is adorable, Christine. Love the tiny details and the color and the whole fun in making it. Family's help or not! Sure hope you win =-)


Pretty Things said...

Oh I LOVE that!

Laura Twiford said...

Well, I'm like #74, here's hoping you win it Christine! Great idea with the bead, not likely everyone will have a tardis around their neck!

Christine said...

Of course it is, Ken! ;)

Anonymous said...

How about a K9?

Hyperspace Hippo said...

That is REALLY awesome. I really want to learn how to work with glass some day. I'm following your blog now (you made a TARDIS-how could I not??)


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