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Friday, May 6, 2011

State of the workshop

I posted the lovely shot of my "bead table" for Bead Table Wednesday the other day, and I thought, you know, that isn't the only place I work on my art. Lacking a real studio or my own dedicated workspace, I take over various places all over my house. A corner of the kitchen is my jewelry-making space. My lampworking stuff is set up along one wall of the laundry room. And my 'metals shop' is actually all over my husband's workbench in our small garage space. My little kiln is in there, too, and the poor guy has no place to work on his own stuff.

Someday, I will have my OWN studio space, where I can put ALL of my art stuff in one place, leave things out while I work, and keep them there til the project is done, and not worry about little hands or animals messing around with my stuff.

Until then, I have this:

My dad, who is a contractor, saves me all his leftover compound wire

Kiln doubles as stand for handheld torch station

Sawing, pounding, quenching, pickling

And my trusty bowling pin. I don't like to be without that!

Yeah, it's messy. But at least I have a little space. It could always be worse, right?


Cindy said...

Christine, thanks for sharing all of the details and ins and outs of your various spaces! :-) It has always been like that for me. Now that I finally have a dedicated sutdio, I find that I still work a little here and a little there...and most commonly on the floor! The room I have is quite small, and by the time I added in all of my antique finds, there's hardly any room for the beads and tools! :-) But it is my space and the one room that actually looks a bit girly. ;-)
I love that bowling pin - your trusty sidekick!

Karen98 said...

Um, is the bowling pin just personal inspiration? Or do you actually use it for something?

Christine said...

The bowling pin is used for forming metal and wire! I love it, and it's handy, sturdy and I don't worry if I mark it up. And it was cheap -- my husband got it somewhere years ago. :)

linda kaserman said...

We just had a new shed built. as it went up i saw how really lovely it was. I kept thinking how sweet it would be to have a craft cottage....but then, it would be harder to craft while steve and i watch movies in the basement.

Barbara Lewis said...

Christine, It can always be worse ... but your work just goes to show that you don't need a "studio" to create great art!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Sounds like we're in the same boat! I've taken up a small space in the garage, and stuff is stacked all around. But some day I'll have a space all my own...I'm dreaming of the day!


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