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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Experiments in the Workshop

This weekend I got some time to fool around in the workshop a little, playing with sheet copper and some discs I got in a few weeks ago. Inspired by an article in Art Jewelry Magazine, I tried out some foldforming and played around with heat patinas.

These will become earrings:

It's really hard to capture how really cool-looking the heat patina is on these....all shades of blue and purple and yellow...really, really cool. I wish I could tell you exactly how I did it, but really, heat patinas are fickle. I'm just happy they are similar enough to become earrings. They will be sealed with lacquer to keep the patina.

I also made this, a pendant. It was made out of a 2" copper disc, and the same foldforming and heat patina. It came out way better than I had imagined!
Again, really hard to capture the patina in a photograph. I haven't decided what the rest of this piece will look like yet.

I did some really outstanding etching on copper, too, but I didn't photograph that yet. Maybe in a few days. I need to make the beads for the necklace the etched piece will be, so I might just make you wait til I get that all done. :)

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend, if you were celebrating, and enjoy your week!

OOH! I almost forgot....I am looking to upgrade to a digital SLR camera....something not too terribly expensive, but that will handle macro photography as well as general-purpose family and landscape photography. Anybody got any opinions on this issue? Email me if you'd rather: ahotpieceofglass AT yahoo DOT com.


Cindy said...

You are on fire, Christine! :-) Just look at your new metal pieces - just incredible. Looking forward to seeing your etched masterpieces as well.
Digital SLRs... I love my Nikon!

chocoholic said...

Wow!! Love the folded copper pieces and our patinas are great!! Can't wait to see your etchings...
I have a Panasonic Lumix Dmc-FZ7 and it is great. Most of my pictures can be taken with the simple mode quite close up. It also has a Macro setting . You have seen my pictures so you be the judge. It was @ $300 a few years ago.

Laura Twiford said...

Christine those patina'd pieces are fantastic! The pendant has such wonderful colors to it, almost looks like a raku piece. As for a digital SLR, I have agonized over the decision for over a year, asking everyone I saw how they liked their cameras, finally decided on a Nikon, preordered it in Sept, still hasn't arrived! Canon and Nikon both have very good cameras to choose from. This being cyber monday you can probably find some good deals out there!

eve said...

These pieces look great, I have made a few pieces using foldforming. I have a nikon camera which cost about £400 about 2 years ago, and it died on me about a month ago it is costing me £200 to get fixed, hopefully get it fixed soon, as im lost without it.

sundownbeaddesigns said...

So funny...I rec'd my issue just yesterday and loved these earrings. I'm really gonna try these...just don't know when? Your look fabulous. The pendant looks great too! Can't wait to see the etched piece.


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