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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Still working.....

The weather here in Virginia has been truly sublime the past few days. After a much harder, snowier, and colder winter than we have had in years, spring is welcome relief. I gathered all my metalworking tools, wire, beads and everything I thought I might need and went out on the deck in my bare feet to bask in the warm sunshine and do some creating.

I'd like to thank the glorious sunshine for these new creations:

In other news, the show I did yesterday wasn't so terrific. Boo! The saving grace was the beautiful weather, though, and some cool fellow vendors. I'm gearing up for the summer market season, which opens around here on May 1.

Until then, I will be listing at least one new item every other day or so in my Etsy shop. Go and check out the new things I am making! Everyone needs something new and colorful for spring!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Christine, hasn't the weather been fabulous!! How nice you were able to find time to enjoy the outdoors and create...I like what you are doing with the wire:)

Cindy said...

Hi Christine....me again. :-) Love the picture of you working outside. I do the same thing with a "tray" of some sort so I can move my project around with me. Your spiral earrings are beautiful..and I love the blue viking knit bangle! I'd love to learn how to do that one day...

Christine said...

Hi Cindy and Jeanette!

Thanks for the good words! I am so happy spring is here!

Cindy, just like with sewing, I could totally teach you the Viking knit. :D Anytime!


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