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Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Fire!

Yesterday I spent an extremely enjoyable day learning how to enamel on metal using a torch. Woo! More fire-intensive fun for me! I was lucky enough to get a spot in Barbara Lewis's Torch-Fired Enamel class, which was held yesterday in Reston, VA.

Aside from the fact that I dread driving around Northern VA these days, it was a terrific experience! I got to meet and chat with so many interesting and creative people, including Barbara herself. I also happily got to sit next to, Cindy Wimmer, of Sweet Bead Studio, one of my favorite jewelry designers and wireworkers. Lori Anderson was there, too, hooray! The one person I had SO hoped to meet, Kerry Bogert, wasn't able to make it due to family needs. I was sad, as I have been wanting to meet her ever since I discovered her work about a year and a half ago. I even had her new book with me, all ready for her to autograph! (I'm such a fangirl, I know) Good thing I'll be going to the ISGB conference in July; I'll get to meet her then, as I am from the same city she lives in, where the conference is being held -- Rochester, New York!

Anyway, the workshop....FANTASTIC! I learned so much, and I got to make quite a stash of enameled beads and charms. Here's a shot of the group of beads and things that I made:

Jeanette Blix (of Fundametals) and Cindy Wimmer were the organizers, and they really did a spectacular job. There was coffee and coffee cake, they arranged for a yummy lunch, the location was great, and there was plenty of room. It was really easy to relax and enjoy the class. I highly recommend any workshop these ladies put together. In fact, there is one listed on the Fundametals site right now that looks REALLY interesting, and has two open seats left. Check it out!

I did, of course, make myself something right away with some of the beads. I've been wanting a chunky, noisy charm bracelet for a while, and last week, I started putting one together. Some of the enameled beads I made were perfect for this bracelet:

I love it!

I can't wait to make more things using these really awesome beads....and make more beads!


Cindy said...

Christine, what a great write-up! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and sitting next to you too! Except I was getting a complex seeing your absolutely perfect beads! In fact, today my oldest son said, "That lady sitting next to you made perfect beads...she's really good!" - he saw your beads when they stopped in.
Leave it to you to already have a bracelet made!!! You're amazing. There's no slowing you down, I see. I sure hope we'll meet again for round number 2! Richmond isn't too far away!

Kerry said...

I am sorry I couldn't be there Christine. I was excited to meet you too! I will be at ISGB and we should go out for margaritas!! Your beads turned out great too... I hear you were a natural.

Christine said...

Aw, thanks you guys!

Cindy, I think my lampworking skills are about the only reason the beads came out as nicely as some of them did. Trust me, there was some finishing to do on almost every one, so I was FAR from perfect! You shouldn't sell yourself short, though, Cindy. You did a great job, too!

Kerry, I would LOVE to go out for margaritas when I am up there for ISGB! Definitely!

Pretty Things said...

WOW, you got busy! I love those, and you did so awesome in the class! I loved seeing you again!

Carol Tannahill said...

Great post. The beads and bracelet are awesome. I can't wait to see what you do with this adding it to future work.

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Wow! Those beads look great! Looks like your a pro

Jenny J-V said...

So cool! It sounds like the perfect day...so glad you all had a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, it was great meeting you this weekend! What an awesome class, huh?:) You were a natural with the beads and enamel...can't wait to see more of your creations. HOpefully we can see you again in a future workshop.

Technical said...

Great post, great beads (I can't believe how many you got done!!!) and I love your bracelet! Great job - I'm looking forward to meeting you in another class this fall!

AWE Shop said...

Hi Christine! I wanted to stop in and say hi. It was nice sitting next to you and chatting in class!

Love your bracelet! I haven't even gotten a chance to do some enameling at home yet :(



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