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Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Stuff Day!

I've been working on some new things....bought a ring mandrel from Jeanette at Fundametals, and have been trying it out!
The third one from the left is my absolute favorite in this bunch. I did learn a few things doing these, though....one is, half-hard wire is NO FUN to try to work this small with. It really just does not want to spiral and bend easily. I have no dead soft, hence the trials with the half-hard. :(
I also learned that I need three hands for getting a ring started on the mandrel! I hope that improves with practice.

I'm keeping this one for myself.

Another thing I am working on is my birthday necklace. I'm turning 40 next month, and I am planning to make myself a necklace that is symbolic of my life thus far. I've already started working on the beads for it, but here is a quick shot of my sketchbook with some of my ideas.

I'll show more pix as I get more of the necklace done, and tell you the whole story about it in a few weeks. My birthday is April 22, the very first Earth Day, and even though I am rather bewildered by the fact that I am turning 40 (HOW did I get to be 40!?!), I'm actually starting to be okay with it. I think.

Happy Spring!!


sundownbeaddesigns said...

The rings look great, that's one thing I've never attempted. Can't wait to see your necklace finished. Your sketch pad looks much like mine with all the notes.

Jen V. said...

I love the rings! I have my ring mandrel from Jeanette, too, and it definitely gets easier with practice...but I'm still working on making things someone else will actually wear! haaaaaaa

Plus, 40 isn't that old so don't even start. I'm on my way to 39 this summer and I feel like I'm just getting started. :) Have a great time with the necklace!! Can't wait to see how it progresses!

Cindy said...

You've made some wonderful new wire pieces lately!
Can't wait to see your birthday necklace as it develops...that's such a great idea. And hey, I'm 5 months older than you (welcome to the club)! :-)

TesoriTrovati said...

Welcome to the club! We are a varied and exciting bunch, we over-40s. And exactly on my 40th birthday is when things started looking UP for me, so I considered it a blessing. I love the rings by the way. They are yummy.
Enjoy the day! Erin


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