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Saturday, September 3, 2011



A company called Riggs-Distler was assigned to work in my neighborhood on Thursday afternoon. The really nice work crew walked around and reset transformers and inspected lines for an hour or so, while the kids played in the sprinkler on the front lawn (because the generator was occupying the backyard).

I ventured forth to inquire of these gentlemen what we might expect in terms of restoration, and one of the guys said, "Oh there's nothing broken here. Just a couple of limbs on lines. Should take four or five hours, max."

I refused to get my hopes up too high, because we'd been having them raised and dashed over and over again. We had to go and find some dinner and take Wren to her kindergarten orientation, so really, it was best to just proceed as though nothing was going to change.

A run through Sonic for their fab hotdogs (and a cherry limeade for me!), and then we were off to meet Wren's teacher and see her classroom. We left the school just at dark, and drove anxiously down our street.....are there lights on? Is that a generator? Our neighborhood has a funky arrangement of electricity and just because certain houses are dark doesn't mean ours will be. But the mile-long cruise down our street yielded.....darkness.


We fired up the generator and started to get the little kids ready for bed, resigned to another hot night of sleeping, and more fun and games with the breaker panel.

Then my husband noticed a streetlight on at the corner. We have our generator jacked into the house power, so the main switch was off. He ran downstairs and flipped off the generator and turned on the main....and there was LIGHT!!

We let the little kids watch cartoons until 10pm, while we waited for the hot water heater to do its job. Hooray for electricity and modern conveniences!!

(this means that I can now return to art-related posts! And I will show you what I made in the dark, while wearing my husband's LED headlamp!)


Laura Twiford said...

So glad you have power back! It's amazing how dependent we all are on it. i feared we would lose it for about a week so was pleasantly surprised to only lose it twice for about 5 hours each time. Sounds like you have a whole house generator, we only have a small one, may need to invest in a larger one for next year. Here on the shore, with well water, when we lose power, we lose water too, Not good.

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Yay for power! Can't wait to see what you've been up to! :)

Aquariart said...

For 9 years we lived in the last town in northern Massachusetts on the New Hampshire border and every time we lost power it was days to a week before we got it back. It is fun for a few days and we would wonder how the pilgrims did it. But since we had well water and the pump didn't work it got old very fast. My sympathy to you and right at the start of school to boot! Glad you are back in business. You made me laugh- creativity is such an obsessive disease- isn't it. I would love to see a picture of you with your husbands head lamp thing on working!! LOL

Sharyl said...

Glad you no longer have to work in the dark! I've been admiring the bracelets from your Etsy shop you have on display here. They are unlike anything I've seen before!

Regarding the one in the upper left, the green "chain" around the bracelet seems so original. You've included my favorite colors and your lampwork beads (which I understand you make yourself) are so cheerful and delightful! I can only aspire to get to this stage in the art of jewelry-making! Bravo! -Sharyl

P.S. I really like those bottom two bracelets too! I've made a couple of attempts at twisting wire and beads around a bracelet. One example:
Blue Bangle Twisted Wire Bracelet

I totally like the way yours look with the wider bands though. It seems like they would be very comfortable to wear, as well as being fun and attractive! I have a lot of learning to do! Thanks, I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog!


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