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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I've been up to....



Being goofy




Melissa Meman said...

looks like you have been having fun being busy with the really important stuff :)

Jen V. said...

Hey girl! So glad you're having fun with life!!! Every time I drive by Richmond on my way up or down from DC visiting my sweetie I think of you...not in a weird way, only in a way that we need to at least meet for coffee or some good crafty chit chat. Hopefully we can find an opportunity this summer. :)

chocoholic said...

I have had to take a little blog browsing break due to overload from Bead Soup and 7000 bracelets- fun but extremely time consuming. Glad to see you are enjoying life right now. It seems like we all need a little break now and then to appreciate life and get re-juiced. I have your lovely tree pendant on my mind but 4 commissions to complete. Just wanted to let you know I am looking at it and beginning to have some inspirations involving it. Sometimes it is just nice to hold and gaze at it-- just love it.

Cindy said...

Christine, looks like all sorts of fun things have been going between your blog posts. Just like Melissa said - you're busy with the important things in life!


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