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Sunday, April 3, 2011

And the other stuff...

I wrote about the custom order I recently completed for a friend of mine, the Encircled neckalce and earrings. In addition to those pieces, I had also made some pendants for her. The pendants were to be gifts for friends of ours who were involved this past weekend in cooking a very large meal for a large medieval event in North Carolina. It was my pleasure, and a whole lot of fun, to create this assortment of food-related beads and turn them into pendants:

All in all, I made about fourteen or fifteen different items, including some loaves of bread that didn't quite have the look I was hoping for (and so are not pictured above).

My personal favorites were the beer mugs, of course, and the turkey.

My eldest daughter had suggested waffles with syrup, a few weeks ago when I had been stumped for other fun foods. They turned out to be another favorite for both of us, and I just might have to make more of those:

I didn't post about these pieces before because the event was held this past Saturday, and I didn't want to spoil any surprise in case any of the intended recipients were reading this! But, now that the event is done, I am anxious to hear how they were liked, and definitely interested to know which of my friends received which pendant!

I love making the food beads, and now I might have to make a series of necklaces or bracelets that are meal-themed. I can see a breakfast one: eggs, waffles, a coffee mug....and dinner: a turkey, veggies, a wine bottle. Fun!

Up next, some work for another friend's bridesmaids, and a Tiffany-style beaded bracelet for another friend. Maybe I'll own my kiln by the end of this year! ;)


Noemi said...

That turkey pendant is fantastic, ans I also agree that the waffles with syrup are great.
Love the veggies too.
You've done a fantastic job!

Ella said...

Soooooo I got selfish and only gave away half of them.

Waiting for heads up from Alesia as to how they went over. Will share when delivered!


Courtney said...

Love that turkey!!!!

Laura Twiford said...

You are so incredibly talented Christine! I love the beer mugs and the waffles!

Anonymous said...

That turkey pendant is super cool!

Anonymous said...

Nice work! I think the pea pod is my favorite.

BahamaDawn said...

WOW!! those food pendants are amazing!! great job!


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