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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Destash!

I've been cleaning out my extensive library of craft and sewing books, and I've come across a few I don't need. I'm building up my funds for classes and to pay off my kiln, so if there are any books you would like, please email me at ahotpieceofglass AT yahoo DOT com. First come, first served!

Here are the titles, all are in good or excellent shape, and I will be happy to ship for $5 in the US (let me know if you really have to have one of these books and are overseas, so I can figure out a good shipping rate).
$ 8.00, hardcover with dust jacket

by Wendy Rosen, $12

$10 (in new condition)

Beader's Bible, $12 (in new condition)
Advanced Beadwork, $8

If you've got any questions, please let me know!

January has been a month of hibernating and reorganizing and doing other things while it's too cold to work with metals and glass. February is starting out much the same, although I am working on a piece for a fundraiser. As soon as I am done with it, I'll tell you all about it!
Not much else is going on here; I feel unfocused on metal and jewelry stuff, and taking that lack of focus and directing it at other handcrafts that I enjoy -- like knitting and sewing.

Here's an in-process picture of the shawl I am working on. It's not meeting my need for instant gratification, and I should have chosen a smaller project to make my re-entry into knitting with, BUT I am determined to finish it. It's the Herb Garden Shawl, and it's on Ravelry.

Sorry for the unglamorous lumpy, undefined shot of it. I was outside in my jammies without a coat this morning, trying to get a picture of how it looked so I could post it here, and couldn't get a good shot! Ack! I need to practice photographing knitting!

Anyway, you can see the rows and rows of garter stitch. It's really pretty and it will be beautiful and warm when I am done. I am hoping I will be done before it gets too warm to really need it this year! Next on the knitting queue is a hat or socks or arm-warmers or something smaller. :)
I refuse to start another project, though, until I finish this one. I want to be able to say that I'm a knitter, and finishing a project is part of that! Right?

That's the update from me for now. I hope everyone is staying warm (if it's cold where you are) and enjoying the beginning of the year. More later...


chocoholic said...

Love those coppery colors. You have made a lot of progress. The good thing about garter stitch is you can watch a movie or something while you work on it- it is pretty mindless and meditative. I love, love love love love my new tree pendant!! Still thinking about how to dress it up. Stay warm and healthy!!

steufel said...

LOVE the copper color!

Cindy said...

Looks like a few great books there, and I've never seen that one about glamous jewelry. I need to destash too. But you know I am a hoarding type. :-)
Your shawl is coming along...and it's going to be beautiful!


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