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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Indoor Fibery Goodness

So no metalsmithing and no torching of glass or enamels....much too cold for all of that. And apparently, now that I have gotten to this age, my hands now swell and my joints hurt periodically. I hope it's just a function of winter, but regardless, it's annoying.

I've turned to my sewing machine for comfort. Bernina never lets me down.

What with the new year and all, I needed a new planner to keep track of all the things I keep forgetting. But the cheapie planner I got (which suits my purposes perfectly) was a boring as HELL plastic-covered thing that cried out for cosmetic help. Being the magnanimous person that I am (with a killer stash of fat quarters), I obliged my little planner. And now, no longer an Ugly Duckling, but a beautiful Swan:

It's perfect! I love it!

And then I decided that I HAD TO make a new purse. I just wanted one. I'm a bag lady and I love bags, totes, purses, containers of all kinds. So I saw this pattern in one of my RSS feeds, and although it was cute, I modified the entire thing to suit my particular tastes.
Originally the pattern called for the bag to be kind of tall and skinny, but I wanted something that would fit my planner and sketchbook, and be more like a messenger style bag. I also wanted the flap-over top. I did really like the easy interior construction, though, so I kept that. It's a fun bag and I actually completed it just about all in one day -- while ALL 3 of my kids were home on a snow day!! Unbelievable! That was about as astonishing as anything.

Plenty of room for 'stuff'. I love it!
And it's pretty cute to wear. I made the strap long enough to wear cross-body, but I am working on a way of making the strap adjustable for a shoulder bag and for a handbag, without using d-rings and buckles. Still thinking on it.

One of the best parts is that I got the home-dec fabrics for the lining and the outside of the bag for $3/yard at Hancock's the other week. I love that. And I couldn't help myself, so I bought about $12 worth of flat-fold fabric (remnants that were off the bolt)in the home dec department for my next few bag projects. I'm already thinking of a custom knitting bag/handbag/shoulder bag thing. Just got to nail down the design.

Anyway, this is what I have been up to lately. Much warmer than metals right now.


Anonymous said...

Love the bag! I adore toile.

Laura Twiford said...

So creative Christine! Love the bag, beautiful fabric and I am a sucker for bali fabrics so the planner cover is a keeper too! I can sympathize with your hands, add to that incredibly dry and cracked. Is winter over yet????

Mags said...

I like the blue bag a lot, so lovely fabric <3

chocoholic said...

Hi Christine, Love your planner cover and accessories.
I love sewing too and had to get out my old singer, because my Viking is in for repair AGAIN!! My $179 in 1960*? Singer is an amazing old work horse and sewed through real suede and a quilted piece for my ABS entry. I am trying to finish it today. Please stop by and see the long awaited reveal of my Art Quilt that was in the Road to Calif Show last weekend. I am so excited to finally show it off!!

Anonymous said...

And you sew too!! You are one talented chick, Christine :) A woman can never have too many bags to carry her treasures and this one is sure to grab some attention. You may have a new venture ahead of you besides your fab glass...


sundownbeaddesigns said...

The planner is fabulous! But the bag...omg, I love it! I need a nice big bag like that for my journal, planner, and I usually carry around a magazine or two. Great Job!

Cindy said...

Christine...look what you've been up to. I am so totally impressed...that you accomplished this so quickly and with the kids home. I really don't see how that could be possible! :-) I wish I could stay focused (let alone sew) like that and accomplish something around here! Your bag is beautiful and love the colors!


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