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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Winter!

The snow is really coming down today and tonight. We've had over 5", which I realize is not much for those of you in the North, but for those of us south of the Mason-Dixon Line, it's a pretty decent amount. The above picture is of our house, taken around 1pm this afternoon, when about 5" of snow had fallen, with more coming down.

We had a fantastic Christmas at home with our kids. Santa was good to everyone this year! My husband really knows me well...I got a Lortone tumbler that I had wanted, and a disc cutter set, and also this:

Yes, that is a starship Enterprise NCC-1701 pizza cutter! I adore it, and I think pizza will be on the menu for dinner tomorrow night so I can use it! I'm a great big geek, I know.

My husband is home all week with us, so we are planning on lots of family time. Tomorrow is definitely for playing in the snow and for having hot cocoa. My daughter has requested to go ice skating, and I would like to go see the Victorian Christmas decorations at Maymont House. I probably should work at my office, too, at some point. The little kids both got board games, so we will likely play those, and build train layouts, and make things with Legos, and play cars and play 'kitchen', too. My oldest is at her dad's for the week, and I am sure she is having fun hanging out on her dad's horse farm. It's shaping up to be a good week, I think.

I've got some jewelry ideas brewing, and some plans to try out some more ferric chloride etching on copper. I'm working on a design for a fundraiser project for a friend's school (more on that later), and I need to order some stainless steel shot for my tumbler....lots to do.

And I'd like to spend some time this week meditating on what I want 2011 to look like for me and my art. Lots to think about, and many plans to make.

I hope all of you have had wonderful celebrations and spent peaceful time enjoying this end of the year season.


Barbara Lewis said...

What a great hubby you have! Besides being a talented jewelry artist, you obvious make some knock out pizza! LOL

Laura Twiford said...

Christine your house is beautiful! We ended up with about 15" out here on the shore and the wind is horrific today making 4-6 foot drifts out of it all! Great gifts to make fun plans with! Enjoy the week

Pretty Things said...

We had two days of snow, too, and I am thrilled! And hubby takes off the week as well, which is SOOOO awesome. But we have no cookies. Do you deliver?

Chris said...

Ooooo, your hubby is smart. You are gonna love your Lortone tumbler and disk cutter! Have fun~~

Charlotte Netz said...

Happy new year!
Let´s make 2011 the year of CreACTIVITY.
sending you som winter magic all the way from Sweden...


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