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Monday, September 13, 2010

It Never Gets Old

I know that those of you who are subscribers to Interweave Press's magazine, Step By Step Wire Jewelry, will not be surprised by this, as you'll have already seen it, but *I* just got to see it, and I am beyond thrilled!

I am in the October/ November issue of Step By Step Wire Jewelry!!!

This was the very first article that I submitted that was accepted for publication, and it was so exciting to see it finally in print! Of course, I spent all of last week running to the Barnes and Noble near my house to see if it had gotten to the stands yet, and when it did, I bought two copies! (One for me and one for my mom, of course!)

The next day, a package arrived from Interweave that was my bracelets and a complimentary copy of the mag. WOO! There was even my bio and picture (taken at the Barbara Lewis workshop in Northern VA back in March)!

So. Exciting.

Aside from MY article in the magazine, there are a bunch of other great projects in there from friends of mine (and people I don't know yet!). Definitely check out Kerry Bogert's 'Sugar Plum Petticoats' -- I'm going to try those round links in a piece later in the week, I think. Also, Cindy Wimmer's 'Spirit Dancer' necklace is amazing! And Dia Daniels' 'Fetish Pendant' is fantastic....another idea I had been toying with, and it's so cool to see someone else's interpretation. If you don't already have this magazine, I suggest you go get it.

I'll be asking Santa for a subscription this Christmas, that's for sure. :)


Barbara Lewis said...

Congratulations, Christine! Your bracelet is so fun and playful and I love the turquoise and copper together! Sounds like you're in good company. P.S. I've definitely had the experience of running to the book store looking for an issue I was in! It was maddening!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Congrats Christine! You bracelet looks lovely...I can't wait to get my issue!

Courtney said...


TesoriTrovati said...

Yay! Christine, I am very excited by this news and I will be keeping my eye out for this issue. Those projects all sound awesome. Revel in it, and then decide which magazine is next to be published in and go get it!

Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

I'm giddy with excitement over here for your fabulous accomplishment! Way to go, Christine!!

Your work is beautiful and now even more people will see that. Congratulations!

Pretty Things said...


Stacey said...

CONGRATS!! This is just fabulous!

Cindy said...

Wasn't is so cool to see this in print?? CONGRATS, Christine!!! I just loved your necklace version when I first met you in March.... and this copper bangle is really pretty (and clever). I'd like to try making one too!

ken said...

Love your Post! Check this out.



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