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Friday, September 10, 2010

Falling for fall

I love the change of seasons. My life started out in upstate NY, near where the awesome Kerry Bogert lives, but we moved to Miami when I was nine. I love my parents, but I am not sure I ever forgave them that decision. :)
In Miami there are 2 seasons -- Hot, and Hot and Wet. I never really adjusted to tropical living, and while it's a nice place to visit, I'd never ever move back there. As soon as the opportunity to leave (going to college!) came, I left, and I haven't been back all that often. I do need to take my kids down there, to visit their grandpa and see where Mom grew up, and maybe see some old friends I recently got back in touch with (thank you, Facebook!). One of these days.

However, I digress. Here in Virginia, fall is definitely on its way. This morning, as I sent my oldest out for the bus at 6:45, the air was distinctly chilly. I'm wearing jeans. This is terrific! (my jeans actually fit! This IS terrific!)

One of my favorite things about fall, besides the chill and the holidays, is the changing light. It occurred to me the other day that each season truly has its own light. In summer, the sun is bright yellow and the light it casts is equally bright, sometimes harsh, and very strong. Springtime light is a gentle cast of color that shows the new growth in sharp relief against the sky and ground. In the winter, the light is weak, and grey, and cold. Against a backdrop of snow on a sunny day, the light sparkles, but it is washed out and even with the brilliance of a blue sky, the winter light can only reverse the dark, but not really boost the colors of the world.

In fall, though, the light is a deep honey-gold glow. It pours over everything in the late afternoon and illuminates the brilliance of the green grass, and streams through the trees like syrup. It almost feels like you could bathe in this light, feel it tangibly on your skin, collect it in a bucket and carry it home. It is rich and luscious, and while fall may feel like the beginning of the end of a cycle of growth, this light always inspires me to create. I bake, I make beads, I sew....I play outside all day with the kids, and then I bask in the glory of the early-evening light with just one last cookout on the deck. This is my season, my light, and I know good things are in store.

What do you notice about fall?


EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Christine that was an awesome post. I never thought about how the sunlight is different in the different seasons. While I was reading your post I could picture each season and I could see what you mean-what an inspiration! What I notice about fall is the changing of the leaves and the crispness in the air. I love being able to wear a sweatshirt and a pair of shorts! Thanks again for sharing this post!

Kevin said...

Amen to that. To a photographer, light is as essential as blood.

Autumn is the harvest, and the light has matured from the stark winter into a quality as ripe for the picking as the heavy fruits and vegetables.

I love the smell of the air, the spices of season's foods. I love watching the change in the deciduous trees as they go from an assimilated green into their own individual personalities of color. I feel like my camera is vibrating with anticipation!

moonlitfantaseas said...

fall is also my favorite time of year............all the vivid changing colors, the gentle showers of leaves as you walk down the street on a breezy day, and the cooler air, I am not much of a summer person, too bright and too warm, so the cooler air and gentler light are perfect.....loved your post, as Beth said I could also visualize as I read your words!I love reading things that make me see with my minds eye!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you painted a beautiful picture in words on how the changing seasons are so magical! I love fall. LOVE it so.

And so happy you can get into your jeans! That's another goal of mine. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Christine, you make me smile with your sweet comments!

And yes, they're pearls, to answer your question. I love these pearls! They're Swarovski pearls from Rio. I love the luster and they wear fabulously. Plus, cheaper than "real" pearls, and a gal's gotta love that!!

I'm not creating today but am going to a chalk festival to watch the artists there create masterpieces on sidewalks!!


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