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Monday, February 22, 2010

Which came first?

I like to make charitable donations to support organizations whose missions really make sense to me. Easter Seals Virginia is one of them. As a speech therapist, I know all about what great work they do in helping kids (and adults) with disabilities, running fantastic camps and other programs, and providing access to services that some people might have to do without. The local group runs an Easter event called Eggstravaganza, which consists of a black-tie party and silent auction. Easter Seals works with the gallery where I have taught, ArtWorks, to assemble egg-inspired art donations for the auction. I just finished a couple of pieces as a donation. There is a prize awarded for Best in Show, Best Expression of the Easter Seals Mission, and 1st through 4th places in each of Professional, Amateur and Student categories. Here is my donation to the cause:

"Which Came First?"
necklace, made with copper wire and glass beads


the companion bracelet. Again, made with copper wire and glass beads.

This is a new type of design for me, new components, new wireworking. I'm getting some pieces ready to put in Etsy that have a similar look. It's all about color and quirky unexpectedness. I think you'll like it!

Keep your fingers crossed for me....today is the egg art judging....Friday is the art show opening and winners announcement. I'll let you know how it goes.

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