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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Postcard Swap!

It's summer. It's too hot for just about everything, including melting glass. Yes, it's true.
I am suffering. I need, NEED to make some art.
This is becoming a desperate situation, folks.

So, I am going to give Beth Nicholl's Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap a go.

It's a quarterly swap of postcard-sized artwork based on a central theme. This quarter, the theme is, "Discover".

Hmmm....so far, I'm thinking travel, childhood, searching, mysteries.....I haven't settled on what I'm going to do yet, so I am letting ideas percolate a little longer before I get started.

Sometimes it's fun to do something completely different. I opted not to be involved in the latest round of the Bead Soup Blog Party, mostly because I wanted a break from making jewelry. And I do sew, and I think this will be a great way to branch out a little with my sewing/mixed-media skills.

I'll post pictures when I'm done, and when I receive my partner's postcard (THAT part is so exciting! This is a totally international swap!).

Until then, keep creating....and if you want to join the swap, too, click the link above, or the button on the sidebar!

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