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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Countdown to Arts in The Park

First off, I do not like the new Blogger interface. It seems hard to use. I have a Wordpress blog, and I am thinking of switching to that platform, as are a few other people I know. Anybody use Wordpress and have some words of wisdom regarding their preference?

Once again, I haven't blogged in a long time. To say that this portion of 2012 has been busy is a wild understatement. My day job has gone nuts (but recently got less nuts), and between that, the undergrad class I took, my museum training and work, my three children, and my husband, fitting in a whole lot of art-making has been incredibly difficult. Actually, impossible.

I'm getting an A in my class, though, so that's good. I wrote 15 short papers for it, and got great scores on all of those, so THAT'S good. I hated every single one of the tests. It's just about over now -- one last test on Wednesday -- so that's good.

Museum training is almost over! I can't believe it. The yearlong training program culminates in a self-written tour of 6 to 8 objects in the museum over 45 minutes, and my tour is May 17 at 5pm. If any of you are local and would like to come to the tour, please let me know privately. I haven't finalized the theme of the tour as yet, but given my love for Classical art, it will probably have something to do with that, at least partially. After the summer, I will take on regular touring slots each month, and I am looking forward to it!

Kids...whoa....busy, busy. My oldest did not get accepted to the art program she wanted to attend, but she is going to our local high school which has a huge art program -- four full time teachers! I think she's fine with it now, after a period of mourning. Personally, I think the local school will be a better choice. The neighborhood high school is ten minutes from here, while the art program is in a school that is 40 minutes by car from here, which would have meant a ridiculously early bus stop wait. She is not a morning person. :)

As for the glass....I did a commission for a friend of mine, 35 beads made into pendants with the initials "C" and "P" on them. Yes, the "C" beads are almost entirely gold aventurine. This is how much I love my friends. They were thrilled with the beads, and that made me happy, so it was worth the drama I had trying to purchase and get the lentil press delivered in time for me to make all those beads by the deadline

Art-making.....well, I have been making beads and getting work ready for my show. As per usual for me, I don't do anything unless I do it at the last minute. I'm making jewelry like a crazy person, getting stressed, and trying not to totally freak out. Thanks to a very generous friend, I now have actual honest to goodness display panels for my booth, but I have yet to haul them all out of the garage and set them up so I can figure out what I need to take and how it all works. That's tomorrow's project.

I've got a huge pile of copper bracelets made, and some in various stages of finishing, along with a bunch of earrings and some pendants to hang on ball chain necklaces. I really want to have more OOAK necklaces and 'statement' pieces ready, though. Not sure how that's going to work out yet, but if I don't get what I want made, well, I'm going to the show with what I have, and that's it.

And now I need to study for my last test in Art History.


Shelby Foxwell said...

You're one busy gal! Hope you do well at your show! Everything will come together as needed, it always does.

Sharyl said...

Good luck with your show!

Alice said...

I switched back to the old interface because it was so frustrating with the new one. Blogger said they would make everyone switch in April, and since that hasn't happened I'm guessing there are still some kinks.

On your dashboard there will be a little gear at the top right (going from memory here). If you click on it you can switch back to the old one. I've complained to Blogger, but never received a reply.

Good luck with your hectic schedule and your shows. In the end it will always work out--one way or the other.

Pretty Things said...

You've been so busy!!!! I hope you are having fun at the same time! :-)


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