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Friday, July 29, 2011

So Many Great Things!

I've got a bunch of really great things to talk about today, and maybe even some pictures, too!

First, I can't believe I forgot to tell you about this, but a few weeks ago I was notified that I was accepted into the docent training program at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts! I wrote about it on my Facebook page, but I guess I didn't say anything here...I'm SO excited, though! Training will start the second week of September, and run through next year.

Second, I finally went ahead and ordered some postcards with jewelry-care information on the back. I used one of my very favorite photos of my enameled beads, some wire and glass, and the brass plaque I stamped 'creative'.

I got them done with VistaPrint, and they're not bad for the first go-around. I'm thinking of putting that image on my business cards, too. It captures most everything I do with my jewelry these days -- metalwork, wire, glass, enamels, stamping -- so I think it would be a little more 'iconic' for my business.

Does anybody use MOO cards as business cards?

I made beads this week, braving the heat to do so. I'm getting really frustrated with my torch setup these days, because I have so little time to make beads and I want to knock out a big bunch at each torch session. Unfortunately, with the HotHead, it takes a long time to melt the glass, which translates to extra time roasting over the flame and fewer beads made in an hour. Roasting me, as well as the glass, some of which doesn't take kindly to roasting and turns all kinds of funny colors, or just flat out burns. Sigh. Someday, someday I will be able to move on from my HotHead to something that will get me where I want to be, glasswise. I am starting to feel very limited, and that sucks.

All I need is money, though.

Quoth the Raven...."Got to get started on some Halloween ideas!"

Chickens and eggs for the market

Blue beads for a necklace idea I had.

Those grey transparent beads? Those are supposed to be crystal clear glass beads, but thanks to the HotHead, that's what I get. I look forward to the day when I get to work with clear glass again.

Other good news...I was invited to blog at 'Studio Mothers', which is a wonderful community of support and inspiration for creative moms....and not only moms! I've really enjoyed reading it, and now I am thrilled to be a part of it! Check out my intro blog post here.

I added dates to my schedule at the Manakin Market, so I will be there twice a month for August, September and October. The market ends the last Saturday in October. I will also be at the University of Richmond's Arts Around The Lake show on September 25 (oh please don't let it rain like last year!), and Whimsical Wares, in Richmond, which will be sometime in November.

I think that's the update for now. Lots of things going on around here, but it's also August, which means my kids are home all day (no camp/summer school/activities!). I'm trying not to get too stressed about having less time to myself, and instead trying to figure out how I can fit in little pieces of productive time to make jewelry and get stuff done. I'll get there, I'm sure.

If any of you are local to Richmond, VA, and interested in having your own private A Hot Piece of Glass Trunk Show at your home, please get in touch! I'm starting to book dates for home sales, and I've put together some great hostess benefits that will get you some free and special-sale jewelry and accessories. Whether we want to believe it or not, Christmas shopping season will be upon us soon, and a Trunk Show is a great way to get some shopping done AND hang out with friends! Email me for details.


TesoriTrovati said...

You are one busy bee! Congrats on all the great things flooding your way. I have used Vistaprint for years for my business things. For the price they can't be beat. I need more business cards and have used an Etsy artisan who is local too but I am thinkin I might need to do something a bit different. I would like to get the rounded edge moo cards (I have the mini moos and love them!) but I am not that gifted with photoshop. Plus, I need something for packaging my charms, and I have been looking at a folded business card on Vistaprint that might work (if I slice off the bottom a bit) ;-)
Enjoy the day!

Pretty Things said...

This is all such great news for you!!!

Carol Tannahill said...

I'm with you all the way on the lack of time and hothead frustration. Looking at the number of beads I make in the hour I've got before the tank's too cold to use is depressing sometimes. Stiff colors are a pain and the ones I'm as likely to smoke as melt are the opalinos. The shade of gray of those clear spacers is pretty. You don't say which clear you're using but I've had good luck with the Effetre super clear. It does sometimes go a little yellow over colors with a high silver content but doesn't seen to scum or burn. I haven't tried the soft Lauscha clear but it's supposed to be for hothead users.--Carol

Aquariart said...

Hi Christine, I love your postcard idea and the picture on the front is perfect. Love all the colors and your stamped copper of course!! I use Moo cards, love them, they are my portfolio and I use the mini's for tags and I simply set up a stream of my photos from flickr and get a variety of pictures of my work. So easy and everyone notices the quality paper!! I think they are the best.
That's just my opinion though. You are very busy for a full tie mom-and quite productive too. My kids, with the exception of my husband are all grown up so I am making up for all the time I didn't have back then.
Great to see you have lots of opportunities to sell.

Laura Twiford said...

Wow you have such a full schedule going forward! Does this mean you won't be at Artbliss this year? :(
I love the postcards Christine, they are perfect and really do showcase your work. You are incredible with your little glass sculptural beads, even with a hothead! I wish for you a real torch ( spoken in my best Pinocchio voice) and the oxygen concentrator you were wishing for last year!


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