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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Green Man

I received a request from a friend of mine to create a Viking knit bracelet that has some beads shaped like the Green Man on them. This friend has an affinity for this Celtic motif and uses it in her home and even has a Green Man tattoo. Of course, I love a challenge and I also love to sculpt in glass. Some of you who read my blog entry from October 7, about soul-filling, have already seen the beads.

The finished bracelet looks like this:

It's on the way to my friend in Illinois right now. Enjoy, Katie!

Edited to add: The lovely wirework endcaps are a creation of the brilliant Kerry Bogert. I want to be sure to give her credit for the design of those!


Laura Twiford said...

Beautiful Christine, your friend will be very pleased with the finshed bracelet i'm sure! I love the way you finished the ends, the scrollwork is perfect!

Christine said...

Thanks, Laura! Those endcaps are Kerry's design....I use them all the time, love them!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Great Job on the bracelet Christine! Viking knit is something that I've never done...but I'd love to try.

Carol Tannahill said...

Awesome bracelet! I love the green man motif. Inspiring!

Cindy said...

Christine, I've always admired your viking knit/lampwork pieces! This braceletturned out just incredible...everything came together just perfectly! Your friend will "likey", I'm sure!!! I love it myself. :-)

bizzniz said...

Hello nice blogg, your link to the magazine up to the left do not work.
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Dominique said...

This is beautiful. It's funny (the haha kind) I saw this picture and thought before reading any of the text, "Wow, Katie would love that bracelet!" Such wonderful artwork for and from such a wonderful ladies!!!
<3 Ddot

Anonymous said...

waw i like the idea of turning glass to art... i like glass ....see top rare roman sidon glass of lebanon by searching youtube...badran106 and link to see...they did amazing arts..


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