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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Make a Wish....

Today is Wishcasting Wednesday, over on Jamie Ridley's blog.

We could all use the power of good wishes in our life. Not only for our art and our creative leanings, but for our families, our friends and our life. Does us, as people, wishing all together *really* make them come true? I don't know. Does the power of positive thinking -- which is really what wishing is --really work? I think it does.

And anyway, it certainly doesn't hurt anything.

Today's Wishcasting prompt is....What do you wish for your creativity?

Wow. I have actually been thinking about this a lot recently. Especially as I find out just how unfocused and scattered I can be in general, not to mention in my creative life.

I wish.......that I had more ability to focus, REALLY focus, on my creative work....spend the time, the mental, emotional, and metaphysical energy, and the physical effort on all the things that swirl around in my brain all day and all night long. I feel like I get distracted, and bored, and wander around creatively too much.

I wish.....that I could feel as though I have found my voice in my art-making, whatever the medium. I know that whatever art that comes from me *is* me, but I don't feel like my message is carrying through the work.

I wish...... that the work I make in my head would transfer to the physical world more easily. What I see in my mind's eye is so very often not what ends up on the page, or in the kiln, or on my worktable.

I wish.....that I could learn to work more efficiently and effectively in the small chunks of time I DO have for creative work. It is so rare that I can spend hours immersed in art-making of any kind, and I really wish that I could accept my current creating parameters, and feel accomplished and satisfied with what I can do in the time I have.

Four wishes is already probably a lot, especially if I were to find a genie in a bottle, but one more wish I would make is this:

I wish that I could find a way to make my creativity my livelihood. Truly. More so than just making my art self-supporting, more than just being able to buy my silver wire and glass and paint and paper and fabrics, I wish that I could turn my creativity into my career.

I wish I could figure out exactly what the heck that means.

What do YOU wish for?


WrightStuff said...

Wishes after my own heart. I wrote a long post on this yesterday and had some wonderful responses which would equally apply to you. You are welcome to pop by and have a share. It really seemed to strike a chord with other creatives.

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Christine I love this post. It seems like you plucked the wishes right out of my head. There are soo many wishes I have for my creativity but sometimes there feels like there is no outlet for it.
Thank you for this post and it has really made me think of what we wish for our business and our creativity and where we go from there.

A girl said...

Such powerful wishes.
As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - just like you....

As Christine wishes, so I wish for her also...

Read My Wednesday Wishcast here.

Ruth said...

Beautiful and powerful wishes. As Christine wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

Kim Switzer said...

What great, powerful wishes! As Christine wishes for herself, so I wish for her as well.

Kim said...

As Christine wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. I've wished some of these same wishes for myself - especially the time wish. However, let me just say, that from where I stand you do beautiful work with your limited time. So my wish for you is that you will feel that - deeply.

Sara said...

As Christine wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

Lovely and powerful wishes... may they all be for you.


TommyGirl said...

Such great wishes!

As Christine wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

Marilyn said...

beautiful wishes. as Christine wishes for herself, i wish for her also.

Anonymous said...

As Christine wishes for herself, so I wish for her also ... and for myself as well. And I see no reason not to put all of your wishes out into the great universe!

Courtney said...

Really beautiful. As others have said, many apply to me as well.

As Christine wishes for herself, I wish for her also.

goodwolve said...

Creativity as your cash flow... and work, the dream of so many. You can do it - look at all those great women in the Women Studios magazine... they are doing it. As Christine wishes for her work life to be her creative life, so I wish her too! Amen and all that!

Barbara Lewis said...

Guess what? I just passed along an award to you! Barbara

Cindy said...

Hey Christine...I see thee wishes as coming true for you. I don't think you are as scattered as you think you are...you are a very determined, creative soul. I simply wish for more TIME! :-)


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