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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I had a very VERY busy holiday, and I think I am still recovering! We had a huge party with TONS of kids and friends and food, and it was great fun, but very, very draining. It was also ridiculously HOT here, and I am about done with the triple-digit temperatures. According to my dad, who lives in Miami, it isn't even that hot there! Something's wrong when it's cooler in the tropics....

Anyway, my little kids have started summer preschool, so that means I have four free mornings each week! Peace and quiet! All to myself! Well, not entirely....I still have to make sure I work my regular job sometimes, and I need to clean the catbox and the house and make supper and probably run some errands, but still...

I tend to lose a lot of my time being on the internet, which is a belssing and a curse...I waste too much time fooling around, but I also *need* to be online in order to read and comment on blogs, promote my work, participate in the art jewelry community, and catch up with far-off friends. I know that I don't, however, have to do that all. day. long. So, I exercised some discipline. Yesterday, after I dropped the kids off, I came right back to the house and pulled out ALL of my current working materials and supplies. I plugged in my mp3 player, pulled out my sketchbook, and got right down to work.

By the time I had to stop to clean up (this IS my kitchen table, and my kids are ALL about playing with Mommy's tools...), I had completed three necklaces, and gotten at least marginally organized for a few more. Plus, I even photographed some stuff! Woot!
This is where my stuff usually lives...in my kitchen....note the bowl of the stand mixer and my unfinished-but-sitting-on-a-candle-warmer cup of coffee.

I even sent off some work to a magazine last night....we'll see if it gets picked up or not....I hope so!

So, before I can show some new work, I have to do a few more things....like, make some...

I promise. I will post some new actual jewelry soon....very soon...this summer is turning out to be much busier than I had anticipated!

In the meantime, though, YOU should go do something creative yourself! And have fun!


Pretty Things said...

Kind of looks like my work table, aka the kitchen table! Isn't it fun when you can just spread out and let it all go?

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about being on the computer! We have too in today's business market. So everyday I'm trying to find freedom in structure (after I clean the cat box too) as an artist.

Good luck with the magazine submissions! Good for you for doing that and being so productive!!


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